Cultivating community: Building powerful relationships by communicating with empathy

One of our most valuable commodities as humans is our ability to build relationships - both personally and professionally. And the key to any successful relationship is empathy: being able to understand someone, connect with someone and view the world through their eyes. The problem is that the empathy needed to cultivate relationships, foster collaboration and build strong communities is often times lacking, especially when we are around people who are different from us. And if empathy is the tie that binds us, then vulnerability is the thread that holds that rope together.

It's time to change the status quo in tech. Let's explore the impact of empathy on communities. We'll discuss how communication plays a role in building successful relationships; how empathy fosters highly collaborative teams;  and finally we'll talk about true accessibility. Why? Because innovation is at it's best when it's inclusive. And to be inclusive, you must be empathetic.

Empathetic communication: why vulnerability is the key to collaboration

In business as well as in life, few things are more important to your success than building relationships. But so often, relationships fail before they get solid footing because we as humans sometimes have a difficult time connecting. That connection begins with empathy. And the key to empathy? Vulnerability.

Sharon is a stutterer, and she knows how valuable one’s voice is. She also knows how it feels to attempt to share an idea only to fail miserably as a result of a communications breakdown. After years of struggling to join the conversation, she finally learned how communicate her ideas in a way that forced people to listen. And that’s what she’s going to discuss with you. The takeaways from this talk will be learning how to value the listener, improved collaboration at the office and becoming a master at building a relationship quickly and effectively.

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Recent places Sharon has spoken:

  • MailChimp, July 2016 - Atlanta, Ga.
  • npmCamp 2016 - Oakland, Calif.
  • DevDay 2016 - Krakow, Poland
  • RustFest 2016 - Berlin, Germany
  • DevOps Days NYC 2016 - New York, NY
  • TEDx Brookings 2016 - Brookings, SD
  • NodeConf Buenos Aires 2016 - Buenos Aires, Argentina