Sharon Steed is a corporate empathy expert.


She is a subject-matter expert on communicating with empathy. As a lifelong stutterer, Sharon users her powerful story to inspire audiences all over the world while providing practical tools to increase empathy in the workplace. She facilitates conversations around how individuals can be better empaths in the office and in life in general.

Through her lectures, seminars, TEDx talk, and successful LinkedIn Learning online course, Communicating with Empathy, Sharon has inspired close to 200,000 people around the world. Her moving story and proven empathy framework teaches audiences how to adapt the empathy mindset needed to connect, collaborate and thrive.

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The Power of Empathy for Collaboration

"When you think of the hallmarks of the most collaborative teams, what are you most struck by their ability to do? Most likely, it’s two things: (1) their willingness to share information and (2) how effectively they communicate with each other.

Those two are major, but I also like to add this: If you can work out how to rebound from communication failures before things devolve into a larger issue, your team will never have collaboration problems."

-Sharon Steed

Sharon was a joy to work with because she took risks. As a TEDx organizer, I know what doesn’t work is an average talk. Sharon is anything but average. She challenges the audience and pulls them in. Plus, as an organizer, she was easy to work with, punctual and gave it her all. I can’t recommend Sharon enough.
— Scott Meyer, TEDx organizer

Sharon can customize speaking engagements to meet the unique needs of each company or event. Interested in learning more about how she can deliver impact at your next corporate event or conference? Please click below for availability, additional information and a complimentary 30 minute assessment to discuss your specific event needs. 

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